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Every School Day Matters

Dronfield Henry Fanshawe School aims to work in collaboration with students and parents/carers to ensure regular school attendance and excellent punctuality. Young people learn new things every day and can quickly become behind their peers in their learning and socially, if they are absent from school.


The School Day


8.50am Warning bell rings for students to go to Mentor Time or Assembly.
9.00am Bell rings to signal the start of Mentor Time or Assembly.
(If a student arrives after 9.00am they will be marked at late).
9.15am Start of Lesson 1.
10.15am Start of break time.
10.30am Start of Lesson 2.
11:30am Start of Lesson 3.
12:30pm Start of Lunchtime.
1:20pm Bell rings for students to start moving to their lesson.
1:30pm Start of Lesson 4.
2:30pm Start of Lesson 5.
3:30 pm End of School Day



Adjustments made to the school day due to COVID 19.


Year 7, Year 8 and Year 13 will take lunch between 11.30am and 12.30pm.

Year 9, Year 10, Year 11 and Year 12 will take lunch between 12.30pm and 1.30pm.

The School Day

Entrance/Exit onto site 

All year groups will need to be on site for an 08:50 start. 

Y8, Y9, Y10, Y12 and Y13 will exit at 15:30

Y7 and Y11 will exit at 15:35

Year groups will enter/exit the site through nominated gates. Staff will be on duty at the gates.

Students will need to remain socially distanced from other year groups where entrances/exits are shared and face coverings must be worn (unless students are medically exempt).

Year Group Entrance/Exit
Y7 Princess Road 
Y8 Princess Road 
Y9 Green Lane Pedestrian Crossing (near Sports Hall)
Y10 Green Cross Pedestrian Entrance (by the Astro Pitch) 
Y11 Chesterfield Road Entrance (Dronfield Bottom) 
Sixth Form Chesterfield Road Entrance (Dronfield Bottom) 


Absence from school

If a student is going to be absent from school or late to school parents/ carers must contact school before 8:30am. This must be done on the first day of absence and everyday of absence thereafter. Parents/carers must contact school and give a reason, along with the name of their children.

The phone numbers below are available 24 hours per day and have a voicemail option.

House Absence LinePhone Number House Absence LinePhone Number
Baggaley 01246 581137 Gosforth 01246 581120
Buxton 01246 581138 Millican 01246 581118
Fanshawe 01246 581119 Spaven 01246 581131

If a parent/carer has not contacted Dronfield Henry Fanshawe School to explain their child’s absence, they will receive a text message requesting a reason why their child is absent. If there is no response this can be followed up with a phone call or home visit by the School Attendance Officer.

Dronfield Henry Fanshawe School will decide whether to authorise the absence or not. In some cases medical evidence may be required in order to authorise the absence.

Examples of Authorised absence:

  • Genuine illness
  • Religious observance
  • Death of a close family member.

Examples of Unauthorised absence:

  • Birthday
  • Tiredness
  • Refusing to attend school.

Medical Appointments

Ideally medical appointments should be made out of school hours . However, if this is not possible, a copy of the medical appointment letter/text/slip should be provided to Student Services in order for the absence to be authorised.


Requests for Leave of Absence/Holidays in term time.

Holidays must not be taken in term time. The Education (Pupil Registration) (England) (Amendment) Regulations 2013 states that Headteachers should not grant approval for any leave of absence during term-time, including holidays, unless there are exceptional circumstances. If a student does require leave , this request must be made in writing on the school’s request form and returned to school at least a month before the leave is required.. If the request doe not appear to be exceptional circumstances Dronfield Henry Fanshawe School may request a fixed penalty notice (fine) to be issued by the Local Authority to each parent/carer.

Download the Leave of Absence form for Students.



Being on time to school is just as important as good attendance. All students are expecting to be on site by 8:50am and in mentor period by 9.00am. Parents/carers should contact school if their child/ren will be late to school and provide a clear reason. Any student arriving after 9am should enter through the main reception and sign in with the member of staff there or at Student Services. Students will be asked why they are late arriving at school. Parents/carers may receive a text message informing them that their child has arrived late to school.

Late marks:

Student arrives between 9.00am –.9.15 am, they will be recorded as L (late).

Student arrives after 9.15am, they will be recorded as U (late after the close of registers, this code affects the student’s attendance).

If a student arrives late twice or more in one week they will be issued with a punctuality detention. Punctuality detentions are held every Tuesday morning starting at 8am. If punctuality continues to be a concern parents/carers may be asked into school to discuss the concerns.

Who to speak to

If parents/carers have concerns about their child’s attendance there are a number of people who can be contacted for advice/support. Those members of staff are:

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