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Sixth FormThis page contains the following information;

The role of Sixth Form students around school

Our Sixth Form students are the senior pupils and therefore must act appropriately around school. We ask that they set standards of behaviour which other students can aspire to.

We will regularly ask students to represent the school body on both internal and external occasions, for example, interviews, meetings with local community, Remembrance Day etc.

Within the new House system, a number of Sixth Form students will hold positions of responsibility in their House.


Attendance in Sixth Form

A Levels are widely regarded as one of the most challenging times in any learner's education. It is therefore imperative that students attend all lessons so that they do not fall behind, which can happen very quickly at this level.


Attitude in Sixth Form

It is expected that students will use their 'private study' time to work on coursework, homework or further reading. Sixth Form is not a social club nor should be viewed in such a way. It is often used as a passport to Higher Education and the better the success at A Levels the more options they will have.