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Student LeadershipA dedicated team of students apply for, and are appointed to assist in whole school developments, briefing and informing both fellow students and members of the community on school matters and changes.

They contribute to the school newsletter; promote health and well-being; organise fund-raising; increase community links; cohere student voice; conduct learners' views; act as peer mentors; act as guides and ambassadors; and help shape school initiatives.

The information below is broken down into the following categories;


1. Aims of Student Leadership

  • To offer a range of roles and responsibilities to a large number of the student population
  • To promote student leadership, active ownership and a sense of pride in whole school matters
  • To develop staff: student dialogue, especially around teaching and learning, healthy schools
  • To deepen student engagement and positive self-esteem
  • To contribute to whole school improvement


2. Overview

The role of the students in the life of the school is vital if we are to continue to thrive and become a high performing school, which empowers all our students. There will be an extensive range of opportunities for students to contribute to the well-being and development of the school during all stages of their school career and compliment the leadership potential available through the vertical house system. Students will be encouraged to contribute formally and informally in a number of ways and through a variety of democratic structures. All roles on the student leadership programme will be advertised and students will be allowed to apply for positions of responsibility within the academic year.


3. Roles within Student Leadership

Head Boy/Girl, Deputy Head Boy/Girl

Sixth Form students apply for and are given posts of responsibility within the school. There is a Head Boy and Head Girl (Year 13) and Deputy Head Boy and Girl (Year 12) who represent the school and work with SLT and the Governing Body on issues that affect the students' experience. They will lead the student leadership team, attend and chair cabinet meetings, and represent the school in a number of public evenings.


Student Council

This is a democratically elected body which will be composed of representatives from each House. It is the main forum for student voice on general issues relevant to students. It comprises of four committees (Healthy Schools, Fundraising, Curriculum, and Community), who each have members, a secretary and a minister who chairs the meetings, and a cabinet that meet twice a term with the support of an Assistant Head Teacher. It has had and will have a great impact on a range of issues from curriculum choice, lunch arrangements, community safety, uniform, healthy lifestyles, and fundraising initiatives.

Student Leadership Team
Student ministers, Head Boy and Girl, Deputy Head Boy and Girl, Upper School House Captains, Y11/Sixth Form
Curriculum Action CommitteeStudents from Y7-Y13
Students focus on improving the in-lesson experience by hot-seating different Heads of Faculty or Subject leaders on pre-prepared questions and subject development plans, discuss and decide on new learning developments, and promoting world class learning for students.
Healthy School Action CommitteeStudents from Y7-Y13
Students focus on improving the health and well-being of students including anti-bullying, , catering, buses, break / lunchtime/ outside school activities, uniform, and healthy living.
Community Action CommitteeStudents from Y7-Y13
Students focus on improving the school and local community, including student communication, e-safety, safer internet use, social media, buildings, environment and links with local community.
Fundraising Action CommitteeStudents from Y7-Y13
Students focus on raising funds for the School and student nominated charities, Children in Need, Comic Relief and other national charity days.
All Students at DHFS
Student Council Assemblies, Mentor groups, e-mail, on-line surveys and opinion boxes


Student Peer Mentors

Student learning mentors who mentor and support the progress, achievement and well-being of younger students within the school. They will meet their mentees on a regular basis, follow a formalised programme that will track and check the progress of the mentees. The SLMs will receive training from Mrs Compai (Director of Teacher Development / Literacy and Numeracy Coordinator) and will liaise and feedback with their House Progress Leader on a regular basis The opportunity provides younger students to receive support from their peers, and the mentors to develop leadership, communication skills, and enhance their employability when leaving the school.


House Captains

Each House will have a minimum of 3 House Captains; lower, middle and upper school representatives, who work closely with the House leadership team to organise and encourage students to participate in inter-house competitions, act as role models and ambassadors for their house, and assist in the running of the House system.


Anti-bullying Ambassadors

ABAs are a team of students who promote the anti-bullying message within the school community, creating a positive, safe and happy environment to work in. They are a point of contact for students who may have concerns around being bullied or other students who are being victimised. This group of students report to the House team.


Student Ambassadors

Student ambassadors are called upon during the year for parents' evenings, open days, induction evenings, and to act as tour guides. Their primary role is to act as good publicists for the school and to support the management of whole school events. They receive appropriate training tailored to the event that they will support.


Student Interviewers

This body of students are responsible for interviewing all new members of staff at Dronfield Henry Fanshawe School and make a recommendation to the interview panel. Any role advertised and interviewed for meets with a Student Interview Panel. It is a very positive part of the recruitment process for candidates, the students and the school.